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Summer Fitness Class
Summer Fitness Class

Get fit in a fun and supportive environment with St. George's Society in our first ever fitness class!

Monday, 10th July, 6-8pm
British International School of New York
20 Waterside Plaza

Feel good and do good with our own
Grace Owen! A licensed fitness instructor, Grace will lead us through cardio, strength training and stretching exercises to help build stamina, muscle & flexibility. Following, there will be healthy refreshments and a chance to mingle with your new fitness friends.
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What do I need?
Suitable clothing, trainers and a bottle of water. A positive attitude is a plus!

What if Iíve not worked out in a very (very) long time?
No problem! The exercises are suitable for ALL levels of fitness, whether youíre a newbie or a marathon runner. The class is inclusive and supportive, and we work together as a team.

I donít like exercise, why should I sign up?
The class will be motivating and good fun, and we never take ourselves too seriously. You will be surrounded by a supportive, like-minded team Ė we're all in this together!

What are the benefits?
Cardio: weight loss/management, heart and lung health, reduced stress, mood alleviator, improved sleep.
Strength training: maintain/increase bone density, increase strength, build streamline muscle definition.
Stretching: increased flexibility and range of motion, injury prevention, improved posture.

Are there changing facilities on-site?